Introduction, plus some useful tools……..

My name is Haji S.Seesay. Welcome aborad….

  • I believe in helping and also getting helped
  • I believe in  curiosity of the spirit-it’s more important than intelligence
  • I believe the world is flat, ask me if you need more details
  • I believe in the power of community-people matters
  • I believe that this is the best time to be heard, but a better time to listen

to be continue…

This  platform is to share information, news, useful tools and things of interest. I will appreciate inputs from  all stake-holders in this global community.

Below are some useful links:
Free classes online from fancy schools..
Get real people to answer your phone calls
Resume Maker Professional Ultimate deal (great buy @ $7)
WOOT is big time savings
Skype = free international calls
Still tasty is a fun site…
Free radio streaming online and on iphones and palm pres etc...


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