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One of the daunting challenges for entrepreneurs is finding the right resources without spending too much time. Believe me, i know it.  I stumbled upon some of the following materials, which i believe will tremendous help any entrepreneurs, especially in the tech space. I am working on a list for the brick and mortar space as well.

  1. What Startups Are Really Like by Paul Graham: Great easy—practical how-tos to anyone who dare to dream the entrepreneur dream..
  2. Milestones to Startup Success by Sean Ellis: Sean Ellis explains the need for minimum viable product, aka MVP and then outlines how start-ups can go up his start-up pyramid to find success.
  3. Myth: Entrepreneurship will make you rich by Eric Ries: “One of the unfortunate side effects of all the publicity and hype surrounding startups is the idea that entrepreneurship is a guaranteed path to fame and riches. It isn’t,” writes Eric in this no holds barred essay about the challenges and pitfalls of being a start-up founder.
  4. What is the minimum viable product? By Venture Hacks: A great audio conversation on Venturehacks blog including a slide show.
  5. The power of continuous improvement by Mike Speiser:
  6. Getting comfortable with People who make you uncomfortable by Mike Speiser: In this article Mike addresses the need for people who challenge conventional wisdom and make everyone around them uncomfortable. Which is why every company needs them.
  7. The Funnel Principle: Software & Making Money by Tony Wright: It is good to build great products, but in order to build great companies one needs to have more — clear path of monetization, an attention magnet and in general excellence at things beyond product development.
  8. Does every start-up need a Steve Jobs? by Andrew Chen: A dissection of how insanely great products are built by combining desirability, feasibility and viability. Read this post after reading Wright’s Funnel principle.
  9. Designing for Social Traction by Josh Porter

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    It’s hard to find experienced people about this topic, but you seem like you know what you’re talking about!

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