Great lessons learned so far….

  • Observe others around you. 80% of communication is nonverbal.
  • Keep your car clean( I try very hard at this one but sometimes fall short…)
  • Express gratitude
  • When in doubt, dress “up”, not down.
  • Walk into a room Tall, Strong and Proud.
  • Develop the fine art of charisma, yes, charisma can be developed-as a matter of fact, it takes 10,000 hrs. to develope superior ability at any skill. This breaks down to 3 hours a day for ten years..
  • Be able to laugh at yourself.
  • Don’t blame anyone-blame it on the
  • Think you can. Believe you can
  • Respect everyone, especially those older than you, and the younger ones too.
  • Remember where you came from, in my case from the mother-ship AFRICA
  • Understand that the people who seem to need the least amount of love, usually need the most.
  • Know a good clean joke.
  • Expect good things to happen.
  • get a blog
  • Always leave a tip. Even when the waiter/waitress is not on point–ha-ha, don’t know about this one. I live in Atlanta and in some local restaurants, gratuity is automatically added…
  • Never say never.
  • be curious..yeah, i know they say curiosity  kills the cat but it drives me every day
  • Surround yourself with successful people
  • love your parents, especially your mother….i love mine very much.
  • To be continued……
  • what have you learned so far?????

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