Is real-time the new black…?

One of the biggest emerging trends is the ‘real time’ centric environment that is taking shape in information tech, especially with the profliferation of mobile computing. The existence of Twitter in many ways has been a real trailblazer in this regard-the instant gratification  that comes from being able to  access events and products on the fly is becoming the new standard. I was reading a blog post yesterday when one blogger quipped that the story on  the botched Christmas day plot was yielding more real-time results on the Microsoft  bing search engine than on the almighty Google.

Twitter has become essential for tracking breaking news-in many instances way ahead of network and cable communication.It’s also great for networking with readers. Real-time Web outlets are great not only for talking, but for listening. Google and Microsoft are all grabbing real-time feeds from twitter and making updates.

The contenders for real-time search are digging in and getting ready for and Scoopler have designed their user interfaces to favor the most recent content, while Tweetmeme, OneRiot, DailyRT and Topsy focus more on what’s popular.

The abundance of social networking, real-time search, geo-location tools and mobile computing will not only make unfiltered searches close in on approximation to real-time, but also make it easy for virtual friends to connect in the real world, as this trend continues.


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