Technology: the good, the bad and the ………?

AVERSION TO CHANGE IS AS OLD AS THE UNIVERSE….Technology is change…as a matter of fact, constant changes, changes so fast that even the most savvy tech insiders lament every now and again.  I was visiting a  bank of American branches yesterday ( the one on Bankhead Highway, Atlanta GA), I realised that the teller who usually handles my deposit had been temperately encouraging me to try the new self driven automated deposit process-but to no avail.

I think I know why her gentle effortinitially fell on deaf ears: It didn’t work  because in spite of my penchant for technology as a whole, my need for friction was more persuasive. subconsciously, I had resisted trying the new technology because I wanted to keep up that human touch. The irony about technology is that its advances and elevation of human civilization are sometimes parallel to the collateral damages. it so many ways, we are becoming a ” FRICTION-less” society.  The flowering of communication technologies such as twitter, Facebook, texting among many others have propelled communication into the 21st century while clearly reducing some of the human stroke that we all so desperately need.

The world is flat-anything that can be digitized and automated will be…., anything that can be outsourced, insourced, crowdsourced, homesourced, offshored will be. In a flat world where the nation-state is somewhat the only barrier, workers in the USA and those in Bangalore, India will compete for the same jobs.

The second  irony of the situation was the  bank teller in Atlanta.  She was training her customers to the very automation process that would take her job away-We are all vulnerable-unless those with highly specialised skills that can not be digitized or automated.


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