New Apple IPad: flop or not?

Steve jobs has done it again…just like a second-to-non-er would. He introduced the Ipad to the world yesterday to thundering fanfare ( In true apple fashion). This will either be the second coming of Moses with the tablet, Thomas Edison and Benjamin Franklin (all combine) or a massive flop just like other tablets devices bygone. Declaimer: I own a Macbook pro and a 2nd generation iPod touch.  And I am considering buying Apple But I am far from being a fan-boy.  I never quite drank the kool-aide although I believe that Apple products are neat.  If I wear a beating man,  I wouldn’t bet against them–Jobs is the best product manager/marketing genius that money can buy.

Beyond the boisterous celebration and fanfare, these guys deliver. Apple has saturated the world with 250,000,000 iPods, the app store. and now has more than 140,00 apps and just reached  3 billion downloads.

The space that apple hope  to serve is between  the iPhone and the laptop-A grey area that has been tricky for the industry for a long time. But wait a minute!!!! I thought the ipod touch already filled that market. The IPad is a “glorified iPod touch” which in my option makes it a luxury items. But what if Apple’s vision is to create a new market after launching the product? This would be counter intuitive considering the current demand centric paradigm? What if the past failures of previous first movers were premature and the market wasn’t yet ready? What if the ecosystem of demand, app store, developers and network were not in place to take full advantage of the device? Chances are all these circumstances might have contributed to the challenges.

The most compelling argument  for the Ipad in my opinion is its ability to serve as a multimedia content platform for eBooks, magazines and newspapers, industries that are struggling to find new ways to adapt to the digitization of everything….. And this alone, might be enough to take the IPad from the red zone to the finish line.

Collateral damages: Amazon, which is one of my favorite Co with its innovative CEO Jeff Bozos has help revolutionize eBooks through its offering of the Kindle, which incidentally was the best-selling items on Amazon last year. Despite its acclaimed performance over the last few years, the ipad is about to drink its milk-shake.

Poor AT&T…..I’m not sure if this is a partnership with AT&T, but Steve jobs did not mention “partner” during the keynote. however, AT &T is the chosen network to for the 3G data plan for the ipad with a 250 mg subscription at 14.99 and a ‘theoritical unlimited usage for 19.99. These are very competitive pricing, considering there are no contracts and users can cancel at anytime. But my concern with AT&T is based on the fact that it is the most vilified and hated network because of the poor coverage-Some of this is because of the iphone users consume more bandwidth than other users Having said that, why then will they want to saturate and already crowded  network with another data intensive gadget without making substantial iteration to the network..?


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