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Google vs Apple (clash of the Titans)

Google vs Apple-— Advertisements

Mistakes that upstarts make

1. The very first mistake is – Having the wrong people on board; Including friends as business partners just for the sake of enlarging the work force. But friends and relatives can be a source of inexpensive labor and remember the three F’s (friends, family and fools) when it’s time for seed capital. A startup […]

experimenting with

experimenting with

10 luminaries look ahead to the business of reading

In this article, 10 media titans (both old and new) look ahead to the future of reading; With the advent of Audible, the Amazon Kindle, Apple Ipad tablet among other nascent disruptive offerings that have changed people’s reading habits, including myself, there’s no telling what the future holds. 10 luminaries look ahead to the business […]

Who’s the big bad Wolf…?

I am no Google apologist, nor a fanboy. Nor do I believe that Google is always right… In fact I am at times skeptical of Google because of the tremendous amount of sensitive data in her possession;but there’s one thing for sure-Google understands customer partnership, and have used it very effectively for the last few […]

Raw trancript of an interview with a startup lawyer

This interview was conducted by Andrew Warner of mixergy with one of the lawyers of a big law firms in Silicon valley. For those who want some insight into the kinds of business entities, tax incentives and benefits, and the different equity rounds that go into the funding process, this is a nice little inside scoop. I edit out the question because i wanted to shorten the article, besides Andrew didn’t ask a lot of questions–he only ask a few leading question….Take your notes:

10 steps for starting a biz

1 Create a Life Plan 2 Choosing a Business Model 3 Create a Business Plan 4 Select a Business Structure 5 Create Key Business Assets 6 Find the Funding 7 Organize Logistics 8 Find Great People 9 Establish a Brand 10 Market and Sell