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Google vs Apple (clash of the Titans)

Google vs Apple-— Advertisements

Mistakes that upstarts make

1. The very first mistake is – Having the wrong people on board; Including friends as business partners just for the sake of enlarging the work force. But friends and relatives can be a source of inexpensive labor and remember the three F’s (friends, family and fools) when it’s time for seed capital. A startup […]

experimenting with

experimenting with

10 luminaries look ahead to the business of reading

In this article, 10 media titans (both old and new) look ahead to the future of reading; With the advent of Audible, the Amazon Kindle, Apple Ipad tablet among other nascent disruptive offerings that have changed people’s reading habits, including myself, there’s no telling what the future holds. 10 luminaries look ahead to the business […]

Who’s the big bad Wolf…?

I am no Google apologist, nor a fanboy. Nor do I believe that Google is always right… In fact I am at times skeptical of Google because of the tremendous amount of sensitive data in her possession;but there’s one thing for sure-Google understands customer partnership, and have used it very effectively for the last few […]

Raw trancript of an interview with a startup lawyer

This interview was conducted by Andrew Warner of mixergy with one of the lawyers of a big law firms in Silicon valley. For those who want some insight into the kinds of business entities, tax incentives and benefits, and the different equity rounds that go into the funding process, this is a nice little inside scoop. I edit out the question because i wanted to shorten the article, besides Andrew didn’t ask a lot of questions–he only ask a few leading question….Take your notes:

New Apple IPad: flop or not?

Steve jobs has done it again…just like a second-to-non-er would. He introduced the Ipad to the world yesterday to thundering fanfare ( In true apple fashion). This will either be the second coming of Moses with the tablet, Thomas Edison and Benjamin Franklin (all combine) or a massive flop just like other tablets devices bygone. […]

50 best websites of 2009

Time magazine has announced the list of “50 best websites” as they have done for the past few years. While I  agree with most of the selected sites for their usefulness, there are a hand full of websites that I believe are invaluable, but did not make the list. Websites such as yahoo owned “delicious“, […]

What happened on the internet in 2009

The internet in 2009, by the numbers. I found these numbers very fascinating and felt compiled to share them—-ideas worth sharing……

Welcome to the mobile revolution…

Mobile phone users will spend $6.2 billion downloading applications this year, up from $4.2 billion last year, according to a report from Gartner. And the trend appears to only be starting with Gartner forecasting sales in mobile application stores of about $29.5 billion by the end of 2013. And that’s just paid applications. The vast […]

popular desktop apps and their free online alternatives


Google Vs China

Google and China incorporated  are on a collision course. It s no secret that despite the fact that China is the manufacturing epicenter of the world, their  human rights record  has always been troublesome–to say the least. Google set shop in China four years ago; Just like any publicly traded company with the best interest […]

Technology: the good, the bad and the ………?

AVERSION TO CHANGE IS AS OLD AS THE UNIVERSE….Technology is change…as a matter of fact, constant changes, changes so fast that even the most savvy tech insiders lament every now and again.  I was visiting a  bank of American branches yesterday ( the one on Bankhead Highway, Atlanta GA), I realised that the teller who […]

Is real-time the new black…?

One of the biggest emerging trends is the ‘real time’ centric environment that is taking shape in information tech, especially with the profliferation of mobile computing. The existence of Twitter in many ways has been a real trailblazer in this regard-the instant gratification  that comes from being able to  access events and products on the […]

Great lessons learned so far….

Observe others around you. 80% of communication is nonverbal. Keep your car clean( I try very hard at this one but sometimes fall short…) Express gratitude When in doubt, dress “up”, not down. Walk into a room Tall, Strong and Proud. Develop the fine art of charisma, yes, charisma can be developed-as a matter of […]

Why recession could be a blessing in disguise..

There are some anecdotal evidence that more and more college students are finding their way into entrepreneurship and not waiting for employers to come knocking at the door . It is not surprising that most of these new entrepreneurs are creating online businesses. While creating an online business  has a low barrier to entry, it […]

how to jailbreak your iphone in a blink of eye…

iPhone OS hacker, GeoHot, released Blackra1n this weekend, a new jailbreak utility for iPhone OS 3.1.2. The new Windows-only utility follows on the heels of Purplera1n and you can download it now. Windows users can use it to jailbreak iPhone OS 3.1.2 on all iPhone and iPod Touch models regardless of their hardware generation. Using […]

Great tips and pointers for start-ups and entrepreneurs..

One of the daunting challenges for entrepreneurs is finding the right resources without spending too much time. Believe me, i know it.  I stumbled upon some of the following materials, which i believe will tremendous help any entrepreneurs, especially in the tech space. I am working on a list for the brick and mortar space […]

10 free awesome applications you should know about..

Useful free application on the internet—“net gems”.

Introduction, plus some useful tools……..

My name is Haji S.Seesay. Welcome aborad…. I believe in helping and also getting helped I believe in  curiosity of the spirit-it’s more important than intelligence I believe the world is flat, ask me if you need more details I believe in the power of community-people matters I believe that this is the best time […]