Who’s the big bad Wolf…?

I am no Google apologist, nor a fanboy. Nor do I believe that Google is always right… In fact I am at times skeptical of Google because of the tremendous amount of sensitive data in her possession;but there’s one thing for sure-Google understands customer partnership, and have used it very effectively for the last few years-  More so than any prior company. Google is very nascent in comparison to its detractors and naysayers i.e  the inglorious alliance of Mark Cuban and Rupoh Murdoch of newscorp Inc, a company that owns Fox and more than 20 other TV stations. Mark Cuban of the Dallas Marverick in my opinion does not have a dog in the fight. He has opinions–and that’s all it is, Opinion.

Murdoch and his media conglomerate alliance have accumulated billions in the last century with a “control monopoly, using brass knuckle capitalism.
Welcome to the 21th century. fluffy criticism from  tainted messengers will no longer resonate with the masses. It’s time to adopt a business model that is “insync” with the 21st century. The company that is pulling ahead of the pack in its approach is Google. I say, if you can’t beat them, join them, better yet, learn from them. People in glass houses shouldn’t be throwing stones..


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